Global Overview

The Global Overview contains a world map of countries and a set of aggregated groundwater-related attributes for each of the countries. The second view is dedicated to transboundary aquifers and at the moment  is being filled in with the attribute values.


New version - May 2012 !!

Open application

The attribute sets contain more than seventy attributes, divided in the following categories:


  • Base map
  • Physiography
  • Demography
  • Agriculture and economics
  • Aquifer characteristics
  • Groundwater quantity
  • Groundwater quality
  • Groundwater development
  • Groundwater Problems

ISARM made use of publicly available information found on the internet, in publications, reports and maps. The efforts of many individuals and organisations to produce and provide this information was indispensable and therefore is gratefully acknowledged. Special thanks go to the WHYMAP project team for providing information on hydrogeological maps.Attribute values were prepared by IGRAC with a lot of care, however, correctness of the original information could not always be checked. Moreover, not all the attribute values for all the countries could be found in a short period of time. Therefore, Global Overview needs to be constantly updated and improved. This can be effectively carried out only with an active participation of its users. ISARM COUNTS ON YOU! If you find an attribute value incorrect or you have access to information that allows reducing missing values please let us know! You can do that by filling in and sending a simple electronic form or by using an excel-based tool for off-line viewing and editing of data in Global Overview (available in English, Spanish and French). Any other comment or suggestion related to Global Overview is welcome as well.

Use of Global Overview is quite straightforward. The module contains the standard GIS functionality, such as zoom in, -out, pan, identify, etc. At this stage (of Global Overview development) you can visualise a list of attribute values per country and display a regional or world-wide distribution of a selected attribute. The later version of Global Overview will have advanced search options, allowing multicriteria search for analogies.

Please notice that the IGRAC's map of groundwater regions is available in a pdf form (including a description of the regions). Once a corresponding attribute set is compiled for this map, it will be included in the Global Overview.

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