Scope of activities

ISARM has a quite broad scope of activities. At this moment the ISARM Core Group is preparing a new programme. The past period showed that the cooperation with other international organisations is of extreme importance, determining also the concrete role of ISARM in the certain region or within a certain project.  Although there is some shift within the scope of ISARM (some aspects of transboundary aquifers need en receive more attention), the scope as whole remains fairly unchanged. Some of the ISARM issues are listed below:  

  • Preparation and wide distribution of material promoting the concept of co-operation for optimal and sustainable management of internationally shared aquifers.
  • Dissemination of existing information on internationally shared aquifers, including the scientific, legal and other arrangements in FAO and other databases.
  • Setting up an ISARM web-portal.
  • Circulate and process a questionnaire to identify the significant internationally shared aquifers of the world with the contribution of the UNESCO IHP National Committees.
  • Develop co-operation with United Nations Economic Commissions, in particular with UNECE, for the implementation of the UNECE guidelines on monitoring and assessment of transboundary groundwaters and the setting up of training and exchange of information with the other regions.
  • Organisation of regional workshops and international conferences
  • Preparation of a bibliography and database of internationally shared aquifers.
  • Contributions for the improvement of standard monitoring procedures.
  • Preparation of course material and organisation of the courses on transboundary
  • Publication of the inventories of internationally shared aquifers.
  • Assisting transboundary aquifer in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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